Dimsum, which takes its roots in Canton, China and subsequently in Hong Kong, refers to a wide range of small dishes that were offered in traditional tea houses. In the old days, these were savored in a slow and leisurely manner by those who stopped for tea to relax and rejuvenate. More often steamed and fried, among other cooking methods, the bite-sized dimsum dishes came to be partaken for breakfast, brunch, or afternoon tea.

Like many Chinese cuisines, the dimsum cuisine eventually found its way to the Philippines was waves of traders and migrants came to settle into the country. The humble beginnings of Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI) belie its eventual contribution in popularizing the cuisine and making it a staple in its home markets and beyond.

Differentiated in service type and target market, HCDHCI’s 4 brands Ding How, Ding Qua Qua, Harbour City, and Dimsum Break have one thing in common – its core menu lineup that includes, among a wide selection of dimsum favorites, the Original Steamed Fried Rice which is a perfect combination of savory pork and shrimp toppings over seasoned fried rice. The Steamed Fried Rice was created in the kitchen of Ding How, and it is the perfect anchor to enjoy other dimsum dishes. Best sellers include the different Shaomai varieties, crispy Spring Rolls, succulent Stuffed Shrimps and Crab Pincers, and tangy Sweet & Sour Pork. These favorites are complemented by the signature Sweet & Sour, Chili and Ginger sauces.




40th store opens


Harbour City Group Commissary obtains GMP Certification with “AA” Accreditation


30th store opens


First franchise store opens in Cagayan de Oro


20th store opens


10th store opens


Harbour City Group Commissary is set up


Dimsum Break concept is born


Harbour City opens in Cebu’s first major mall


Ding Qua Qua opens in uptown Cebu’s Mango Avenue


Ding How opens in Colon Street and introduces dimsum cuisine to Cebu and pioneers the concept of all-day dimsum dining

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